Community Health Needs Assessment & Implementation Strategy

The Patient Protection and Affordable Car Act (PPACA) of 2010 mandated new IRS requirements for public hospitals with 501(c) (3) status.  To meet these requirements a hospital must (1) conducta Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and (2) adopt an Implementation Strategy.  The provisions take effect in a hospital's taxable year beginning after March 23, 2012.  Failure to comply could lead to a $50,000 excise tax and possible loss of tax exemption status.

QVMC CHNA 2013 Cover Page Small

In compliance with these requirements, Grant County Public Hospital District #2, dba Quincy Valley Medical Center (QVMC) partnered with the Grant County Public Health District and area healthcoalitions to conduct a community health assessment.  Community health needs assessment is a collaborative process of collecting, analyzing, and distributing information about the health needs of a community. This assessment report is a record of statistics on health status, needs, and local resources available to overcome barriers to being the healthiest community possible.  The reportdescribes the overall health of residents within Grant County Public Hospital District #2, served by the Quincy Valley Medical Center.  The information contained in this report was used to determinepriority areas for the Quincy Valley Medical Center Implementation Strategy. 

In accordance with requirements in the Affordable Care Act, this Implementation Strategy was approved by the Quincy Valley Medical Center Board of Commissioners on December 23, 2013.  Toreceive a copy of the report you may download it here or contact our Public Records Request Agent at 509-787-3531.To download the CHNA you will need Adobe Reader. You may download a freecopy of the reader by clicking on the Get Adobe Reader button.

Prioritization of Needs

The QVMC CHNA Advisory Team reviewed the findings from the CHNA to prioritize the identified needs of our community.  Based on resources available and looking at the areas that QVMC couldmost influence, the group decided this three-year Implementation Strategy would focus on:

    1. Reducing the obesity level in our community
    2. Reduction in the levels of drug and alcohol abuse in our community
    3. Improving access to timely medical care in our community
    4. Reduction in teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases inour community.

Implementation Strategy

To see Quincy Valley Medical Center's 3-year Implementation Strategy, download our report here.